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IvyCamp Event

The Entrepreneur's Journey

21st January 2017

IIM Bangalore

9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Become part of a unique Session on an Entrepreneur's Journey to Success

Founder & CEO at YourStory Media
The session was organized to expose promoters to real life scenarios of successful entrepreneurs and to engage with them. The entrepreneurs shared with startups their journey, decisions, successes, failures etc.


10:00-10:10 Opening address by Anju Gupta, President IvyCamp.
10:10-10:30Ideation-Conception of the Venture:The Entrepreneur perspective on how they conceptualized the venture, their trials and tribulations.
10:30-10:50Validation:The Entrepreneur talks about how they got customers, validated their idea, built their offering, supported themselves and more – till the fund raise.
10:50-11:10Networking Break
11:10-11:30Funding:The Entrepreneur shares their fund raise approach and experience.
11:30-11:50Growth and Scaling:Hear about how the venture grew and scaled.
11:50-12:10Major Learnings from the Entrepreneur – what would they do same or differently if they were to do it all over again?
12:10-12:40Q&A Followed by Networking

Photos from the session

Some takeaways from the session:

  • Immense amount of self-confidence is needed by entrepreneurs to succeed in this journey.
  • In a media company, the greatest asset is building relationships – meet people, grow network, ask for advice.
  • The greatest truth for any business is that the consumer is key – someone who wants your product/services and is willing to pay for that.
  • Work on your KPIS – Few KPIS could be paying customer, traction, repeat customers, returning customers, time spent on the website: know your KPIS inside out; show the investor your vision.
  • Involve investors at every stage- get them to work on your presentation, work with them very closely; the more propensity investors will have, the more involvement and progress you will see.
  • When it comes to choosing a co-founder it is essential to have cofounder with complimentary skill sets.
  • Don’t think of yourself as taking a favour from investors when they fund you – consider it a partnership.
  • Don’t think you are successful if you fund raise – entrepreneurship is a lot more. Fundraise is just the beginning.
  • Build relationships with your investors before you pitch to them – find out more about them and help them understand what you are all about. Tell them your story.
  • Your first target should be to get that paying customer – understand why someone would pay for your offering and find someone who will pay.
  • Don’t feel shy about reaching out to people – try and meet people who know about your industry and are well known – learn from them.
  • Don’t approach investors until you have a good story and the data to back it up.