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Fundraising is not for the fainthearted

2nd September, 2017

IIT Kanpur


Every aspiring entrepreneur today sees fundraising as his/her “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”. But as you know, it is a market with many more ventures than investors. Raising funds is an art-form that needs some luck, some connections, a lot of perseverance, the know-how, and of course a good idea and team.

Whow do you stand out among the crowd, when is the right time, how much is enough, what should you go armed with for a meeting with an investor, how should you prepare, which investor is right for you?

To answer these, and better prepare you to fundraise, IvyCamp is organizing a workshop at E-Summit, IIT Kanpur at 10:00AM on 2nd September, 2017. It will cover the following areas, over the course of 2 hours-

The fund-raising process:

  • Reasons why someone invests in a startup
  • A typical startup life cycle
  • Reasons one shouldn’t startup
  • Funding process
  • Boot-strapped vs external funding
  • What do VCs look for?
  • Successful fundraising is not a guarantee for success
  • Common pitfalls

Fundraising journey of an entrepreneur:

  • When was the right time & how much
  • Choosing and approaching investors
  • Pitching
  • Failures & Successes
  • Post Fundraising

The speakers for the workshop will be: Mr. Vidhya ShankarPartner at Grant Thornton; and Mr. Venkataramana Rao Nott CEO at Vinculum Solutions (successfully raised funds from IvyCap Ventures and Accel Partners).