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IvyCamp-IITD present Entrepreneurship Series: Startup 201

11th November, 2017

IIT Delhi

05 PM

IvyCamp-IITD present Entrepreneurship Series: Startup 201

IvyCamp in conjunction with IIT Delhi is launching an entrepreneurship series titled “Startup 201”.

Startup 201 is a semester-long series of sessions aimed at students interested in entrepreneurship, are working on an idea or are serious about one, and want to learn about the various elements of setting up and running their venture. At the end of the program, students who have attended all the sessions will be awarded a joint IvyCamp-EDC IITD certificate.

This will be a series of weekend sessions run at IITD, and will have speakers who are leaders in the entrepreneurship and corporate ecosystem.

Sessions included in Startup 201:

  • Should I start-up? - What it takes to be an entrepreneur.
  • How should I start? - Finding the right problem to solve.
  • Building the Solution - Building a lean startup. Design thinking.
  • Leveraging Technology - Hardware and software levers and enablers.
  • Reaching Customers - First customer. Branding. Selling. Market growth.
  • Team - Hiring. Finding the right fit. Advisors. Culture.
  • Operating a Startup - Financials. Legal. Compliance. Operations.
  • Fundraising - Sources for funds. When to raise. Pitching to investors.

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