The IvyCamp team collectively brings an experienced investment background, experience working in tech organizations in India and the US, strong ties to the alumni community, startup experience, and a passion for adding value in our startup ecosystem.

    IIT Delhi

Vikram Gupta

MD, IVYCAP Ventures ltd

    IIT Delhi, Stanford California

Dr. Anju Gupta

Co-Founder and President, IvyCamp

    MBA UC3M, Madrid

Ruby Kumari

Director, IvyCamp

Aakriti Goel

Corporate Partnerships, IvyCamp

Vikram Haridas

Product Manager, IvyCamp

    Yogi Vemana university

Ganesh Raju

ROR Developer, IvyCamp

Krishnapriya V

Intern, IvyCamp

Manoj M

Intern, IvyCamp