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HDFC Life has been
touching lives at all
stages since 2000

IvyCamp in partnership with HDFC Life has launched Futurance to partner with startups to co-create targeted solutions and build next gen capabilities for HDFC Life.

Selected Startups For POC - Phase 2

Selected Startups For POC - Phase 1

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Targeted Applications


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Why Apply to Futurance

You will connect, collaborate, and commercialise with HDFC Life and IvyCamp, and get access to investment opportunities.


Direct access to key


Work together with Industry experts and the HDFC Life business units


A business opportunity to scale across HDFC Life's countrywide presence.

Few solutions we are looking for

Possibilities for innovation are not limited to sector or technology. We are looking to collaborate with startups bringing
innovative solutions in the following focus areas.

Noninvasive Medical Diagnostics

A noninvasive health monitoring and diagnostic solution for assessing current and predicting future medical conditions.

Intelligent Sales Engagement

Sales engagement and mentoring to contain attrition of front line sales staff.

Behavioral Tools for Customer and Employee Engagement

Behavioural sciences tools & techniques for higher employee and customer engagement.

Database and
Lead generation

Fine-grained segmented database for identity, income, health, fraud verification.

Selection Process

Step 1
Submit your

Step 2
Screening and shortlisting of
startup applications

Step 3
Face to face meeting with the
IvyCamp and HDFC Life.



Futurance is a short term corporate engagement program to identify the innovative startups who can provide futuristic business solutions and also help build next gen capabilities. Some of the key areas being: Resume Parsing , Speech Recognition, Document Gamification, Database and Lead generation.


We’re looking for technology-focused early-stage startups with an ability to manage the scalability. Startups selection won’t be limited to the use-cases; Startups with compelling products and who can add value to the Insurance industry can also apply for the program. For more details, visit selection process and Use-case section.


Futurance is a short-term corporate engagement program, where the shortlisted startups will pitch to HDFC Life senior management for an opportunity for a PoC, Strategic alliance or Investment opportunity.


Once the application is received, the outcome of the application will be updated through a call or email from the IvyCamp team within 3 weeks.


The call for application will be open until Mar 04, 2020. Please apply at the earliest.

Futurance Key Members