Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg Road Show

An Indo-German Logistics Startup Connect

Friday, 18th Oct
10:00 to 17:00 | CIBA, Mumbai


Friday ,18th Oct| CIBA, Mumbai

An Indo-German Logistics Startup Connect

Introduction and knowledge sharing session on helping startups from India and Germany access each other's markets and organise open innovation activities.

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12th Sep 2019 | Derbi Foundation, Bangalore

Unravelling AI & OI for Corporates & Startups

The program is designed for corporate leaders and startup CXOs' to get exposed on the possibilities of AI

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Bangalore, India

HDFC Life - Futurance

IvyCamp, in partnership with HDFC Life, has launched InsureStart to co-create targeted solutions with startups that will add value to the HDFC Life organization.

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Vikram Gupta

Founder & Managing Partner, IvyCap Ventures Advisors Pvt. Ltd

An IITD Alumnus, brings years of his technology, business and investment experience along with his passion to help entrepreneurs grow and realize their dreams

Dr.Anju Gupta

Co-Founder and President , IvyCamp

An IITD Alumnus, is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to explore their potential to the fullest and to support and build out the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Who We Are

The IvyCamp team collectively brings an investment background, experience working in tech organizations in India and the US, strong ties to the alumni community, startup experience, and a passion to help create value in our startup ecosystem.

What Excites Us

The chance to find that great idea that will make a difference.Working with people with a passion to succeed and help others succeed.Constantly learning, growing and discovering the opportunity to create value

How We Can Help You

We leverage the Global Alumni Ecosystems to power our startup engagement platform for entrepreneurs, startups, mentors, investors, funds, governments, institutions, accelerators, incubators, financial institutions. We identify partners for you to work together to build, test, market, and fund, high potential teams and solutions.

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